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change behaviour. improve results  


A leading behaviour change consultancy helping organisations transform by optimising human behaviour. 

Open Minds specialises in understanding behaviour within organisations and facilitating changes that significantly impact your success.

Change Behaviour. Improve Results

Organisational Behaviour

Through changing Organisational Behaviour we can help you to improve performance, increase job satisfaction, promote innovation, and encourage effective leadership.


Organisational and leadership success is dependent upon the right human behaviours at all levels of the organisation.

Sales Leadership

Open Minds truly understands how to ensure the right sales behaviours are identified and implemented, regardless of the different personalities within your sales teams. Our partnering approach, based on scientific foundations, ensures that we help you achieve your goals and improve the effectiveness of your sales process.

Employee Insights

Open Minds consultancy service provides the organisations with in-depth data to become aware of what is seen and unseen at a human level. This data then allows leadership to make more effective business decisions, resulting in maximised returns from its human capital like never before.

Career Mentoring

The overall goal of behavioural coaching is to help individuals increase their effectiveness and happiness at work, study and in a social setting. Behavioural-based coaching can teach individuals how to manage themselves and can also help improve their professional skills and confidence. Individuals feel more balanced and alert to how they impact others and their own success within their organisation.

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do. 

Carl Jung