WHAT IS 70:20:10

70:20:10 is a reference model that helps organisations extend their focus on learning and development beyond the classroom and course-based eLearning to build more resilient workforces and create cultures of continuous learning and high performance. 70:20:10 provides a mechanism to help re-focus from learning (an input) to performance (an output).

Additionally, 70:20:10 stretched beyond the individual. Most training is designed with the intention of helping improve individual performance. 70:20:10 is designed with organisational outputs and performance in mind. 70:20:10 also presents an opportunity for Human Resources and Learning professionals to increase their impact on organisational performance. By extending beyond formal training (the ‘10’) the methodologies of 70:20:10 can be applied to complex challenge wherever underperformance is identified.

The 70:20:10 model simply describes learning as it naturally happens and then offers a means to accelerate and support that learning: 70:20:10, above all else, is an agent for change. It is a framework for extending our focus on learning beyond classrooms, workshops or executive retreats and out into the daily workflow. It helps us move from a world of learning events into an environment where continuous learning and development is part of daily work.


Our understanding of how high performers reach the heights has become far clearer in the past few years. High performing people engage in cycles of continuous development. Some of this development occurs through eLearning, classroom courses, workshops, and other structured learning activities. However, the bulk of the development that leads the way towards high performance comes through learning from the daily workflow and from others in the workplace. 


Additionally, high performers are motivated to get better at what they do. Continuous learning and motivation together create the path to high performance. With these facts in mind, the 70:20:10 framework serves as a good way to support this process of continuous learning and motivation.