Our Perspective 


Change Behaviour. Improve Results™


At Open Minds, we identify the behaviours that make a difference and then manage a plan to ensure that these behavioural changes are put in place and then practised.   


Certain personality traits have an impact on Behaviour. These traits vary from person to person resulting in different outcomes when different individuals experience the same situation. 


Human behaviour includes how people act based on different factors such as genetics, social norms, faith, and attitude. Social and organisational norms also impact behaviour. Due to the inherently conformist nature of human society, humans are often pressured into following specific rules and displaying certain behaviours within an organisation. This, in many cases, conditions the way people behave to conform. This is because certain actions are deemed acceptable or unacceptable within the culture of that organisation. 


These behaviours may or may not serve the organisation. We have, in many organisations, experienced leadership behaviours that are accepted and rewarded but which do not add value and, in some cases, are counterproductive.


We can implement a development training plan, work with your existing providers, or in-house Learning and Development departments. Whatever you choose, we will help you make it happen.

Organisational Behaviour 


Our main goals with Organisational Behaviour are to improve job performance, increase job satisfaction, promote innovation, and encourage effective leadership.


Our focus includes:


  • Understanding the real relationship between an organisation and its employees - Resulting in profound insights into this dynamic which enables the organisation to develop more effective Human Resource strategies. Strategies that create a better work environment, employee loyalty, greater productivity and increase the overall value of the human capital for the organisation.

  • Motivating employees - We help managers gain a deeper understanding of their employees. This enables them to apply tailored motivational tools for each team member, inevitably resulting in the better performance of the organisation as a whole.

  • Improving industrial/labour relations - A focus on Organisational Behaviour helps in understanding the cause of a problem, predict its future course and control its consequences. As a result, managers can maintain better relationships with their employees by nipping any problem in the bud.

  • Effective utilisation of Human Resource - We help managers effectively and efficiently manage their employees, inspiring and motivating them to higher efficiency and productivity by better understanding and analysing human behaviour.

  • Predicting human behaviour: This is an essential element of understanding your organisations behaviour. We help leaders become students of human behaviour, enabling them to become more effective leaders and contribute to organisational effectiveness and profitability.

Behavioural Consultancy

The workplace is changing more rapidly than ever before. Organisations need to become significantly better at their most important resource – people.


Demands on leadership are becoming more and more acute and the pandemic has exacerbated this considerably.


The sudden requirement for people to work from home has brought into sharp relief the lack of practical behavioural information that organisations hold on their workforce. Information as to which employees will thrive working from home and who will fall short is not currently available. This leaves organisations unable to determine how best to support employees who are now working from home more regularly. 


Open Minds changes this. We provide leadership with deep and accurate human insights to identify different teams and individuals' performance effectiveness in different scenarios.  These insights enable management to plan, communicate and execute more effectively, thereby improving overall engagement, productivity, and employee/customer satisfaction and profitability.

Examples of Our Impact 

  •  Home Working - Understanding how best to manage and lead a remote workforce by identifying the motivators for each person. We also show how best to support and communicate with each person based on their own preferences and behavioural style. 

  • Mergers and Acquisitions - How well will people integrate into the newly formed business and where might the tension areas be. We help to create strategies to ensure a successful merger and a motivated workforce.

  • The human impact on performance - Open Minds help identify why a department, division or country is not or is performing above or below expectation. We pinpoint the human behaviours that can be replicated that will improve performance across the entire organisation. Our particular areas of performance improvement are within:

    • Leadership

    • Sales

    • Teams         


Sales Development    


Change Behaviour. Improve Results™


All companies and organisations want high performing, professional sales and customer service teams who consistently practice the right behaviours. It's these behaviours that differentiate them from their competition and ensure loyal and satisfied customers.


Through our unique discovery process, Open Minds understand how to ensure the right behaviours are identified and implemented, regardless of the different personalities and levels of competency within your organisation.


We build our interventions on a foundation of having observed thousands of individuals and 100's of sales team behaviours. These observations have been made in multiple organisations across the globe.  


Open Minds observations, research, and analysis provide us with the knowledge to identify the behaviours and ideal processes needed to ensure a high-performing sales team.



Sales Training 

Our sales training is focused explicitly on Emotional and Behavioural Intelligence. We teach the salesperson the impact of their behavioural strengths and weaknesses and how to adapt and connect more effectively, regardless of the relationship.



In addition, we have developed a progressive sales methodology, The Advanced Sales Method (ASM). ASM's foundation is Positive Psychology, and it offers mature sales teams an intelligent and very effective way of selling.


We adapt our interventions to our client's environment based on our robust discovery processes, behaviour change techniques, and unique positive sales methodology. 



Invaluable human insights for existing and new employees are provided by our world-leading assessment platform. The platform is driven by a unique combination of data science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning; it brings you that extra confidence you need in making more informed, data-led human resource decisions. 



Our partnering approach, based on scientific foundations, ensures that we help our clients achieve their goals and increase revenues.

Please ask us to talk you through our bespoke process for uncovering Behavioural, Procedural and Creativity gaps within an organisation.