mindspring elearning platform

Wherever the sales person 



Blended Learning 

We offer blended learning to support all our workshops, and our flexible platform means we can adapt or write new material to promote your own particular needs. We use the very latest eLearning development tools and content can be loaded onto your own LMS if required. 

For each of our clients, we offer access to your learning portal, where we will design "nudges" and provide information that will keep the learning alive. This is, in addition to our comprehensive learning portal, where our clients can share and learn from each other.  


We also offer you the opportunity to upload your material, videos and messages to support your sales team and customers. 


The platform has comprehensive reporting and management tools and reminders. Updates and messages can be automated and delivered to specific teams/groups. 


Our MindSpring™ approach really "keeps the learning alive" and allows new salespeople the opportunity to get up to speed very quickly and cost-effectively.