Coaching & Mentoring  

You are identifying and practising the behaviours that will ensure your success.


Partnering with you to accelerate your progression and helping you identify the direction to take that will make a difference in your life.


We identify the essential behaviours to your role and your success and work together to ensure that these behaviours become easy for you to access and apply. We help you to identify the behaviours that are easily accessible to you, as well as those that fall within your unconscious and your blind spots. 

We explore:

  • What behaviours are conscious and fall within your less conscious/unconscious. We then look at methodologies to give you access to the right behaviours at the right time, regardless of the situation or your state of mind. 

  • How to improve your relationships with other people by understanding yours and their behavioural preferences. 

  • How to better lead your team, be they direct reports or indirect teams/people you need to influence.

  • How to effectively manage upwards or sideways.

  • Understand and improve the behaviours that keep you stuck or mitigate your success in any part of your life.  


The process provides insights and behaviour changes that will positively impact your professional and private life.     


Mike has over 40 years of international business experience and is ICF ACSTH accredited coach, mindfulness practitioner and behaviour expert. His clients appreciate his gentle yet direct coaching style. 

Mike anchors his coaching in Jungian Psychology and works with you to explore what is less unconscious or that which resides in the shadow. While many coaches work primarily on the conscious level, Mike helps you reach the root or unconscious source of the issue so that there can be deep and lasting transformation. 

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