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The Open Minds Behaviour Assessment 

The OM online behaviour assessment is vital for the individual to gain a deep understanding of their behavioural preferences, and that of others. These assessments are the kernel of the training programme. Each individual’s assessment is discussed either one-on-one online or within the workshop environment.


You will:


  • Build capability through the identification of your natural strengths in the use of identified Qualities and Behaviours.

  • Recognise your opportunities for development to improve your overall personal effectiveness further.

  • Understand your behaviours and how to adapt them in a way that is beneficial to your engagement with other people.

  • Learn strategies to connect and build rapport with clients and other employees immediately.

  • Explore how your personal behavioural qualities support your professional effectiveness at every step of your career.  



  • Personal Effectiveness 

  • Team Effectiveness. 

  • Leadership Effectiveness.

  • Sales Intelligence (SQ).  

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 



We provide assessments as part of our solutions, or an individual can complete one as part of their development by purchasing the profile and having a virtual debrief. 


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