Conversational Intelligence – C-IQ

Conversational intelligence is about adjusting your communication style based on the person we are communicating with. It is also about understanding the biological and chemical triggers that drive our reaction to messages. Whether they are being perceived negatively or positively.

Conversational Intelligence is so important in a sales context, because of its ability to drive better collaborative relationships and we know that its collaborative relationships that are driving the future of B2B sales. It is about moving from selling single products and services to co-creating unique and highly competitive products and services together with our clients.

There are 30 years of deep research in this field and this article on the Vistage website, written by Judith Glaser, gives some real insights into the Chemistry behind C-IQ

Conversational Intelligence is deeply integrated within our Advanced Sales Method. The Open Minds Sales assessment gives sales professional a real insight into their own communication style and how to adapt in the moment to connect more effectively with their clients. C-IQ was described as one of the biggest trends last year and this will continue well into the future.

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