The importance of a well constructed Sales Process

We know, and some good research has shown, that having a simple, well-defined sales process means you are likely to be more successful than if you don’t. A good sales process is also important to successfully managing your sales team and your sales pipeline.

The starting point for designing any sales process should be an understanding of your target customer’s buying process as well as who your buyers are. What motivates them within their organisations and sectors?

A sales process provides consistency for the management of the sales team, both in process - what needs to be done, and in skills - how things are done.

Sales leaders want to be confident in their sales teams ability to be credible and valuable partners to their customers. They need a consistent way to manage what happens in the field and where development needs to take place so that sellers have the skills to clearly articulate value at all stages of the relationship.

The sales process can provide that consistency and it allows sales managers the ability to quickly diagnose where the problems are and then coach changes in behavior to make sure that their sales team is doing and saying the right things at the right times. The added benefit is that there is a greater consistency of selling behaviours across the organisation. This consistency has a positive impact on every part of the sales journey and customer experience.

Its important to have a mature sales process but it is also important to realise that the process is not static and must be adapted and improved over time, by taking into account market changes, customer demands and developments within the sales profession.

So the message is clear, If you want stronger business results and a more motivated sales force, make sure you have a well designed sales process that you are able to demonstrate the value in.


But know, that just having a strong sales process isn’t enough. Organisations must effectively train and coach the sales force on an ongoing basis. This will make sure that the sales process is being used effectively by each sales person based on their levels of ability, experience and areas of preference.

Process rocks!!!

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