Sales Intelligence™  -  S-IQ

The art of selling is doing the science.

The sales profession is, and has been for some time, in the midst of major transformation. Buyers have more power, more information, more control over the sales process and more is at stake for them than perhaps ever before.

Sales professionals and sales leaders are recognising that they are no longer in control of the sales conversation and what once gave them a competitive edge is no long working as well as it was.

Yet, in the midst of all the change, there are sales professionals who are smashing targets and adapting to the changing needs of their buyers. They are acutely aware that understanding their customers individual preferences, their “emotional intelligence”, is as important as understanding their products, prices, features, and solutions.

In many sales approached there is a human relationship gap that is not addresses and taught. In fact our entire education system does not teach us enough about the art of human connection and how to adapt our behavior to connect with other humans more effectively.

Today this is true for the sales profession; many salespeople have never been taught the human skills required to effectively engage buyers at the emotional level. We know that people pick these skills up as they go through life and the successful sales person will have built up a set of skills over time that will set them apart from others.

However, imagine if we were able to provide these skills to each new member to the profession and within your sales team, while honing the skills of those more experienced sales people!

Imagine bringing these skills to life at every stage of your sales and customer service process! Ensuring that your sales journey works for each customer regardless of his or her personality preference.

S-IQ is essential to success in sales and some might say more important than education, experience, industry awareness, product knowledge etc. Sales organisations that invest in developing and improving S-IQ, gain a decisive competitive advantage at each stage of the sales journey.

Identifying your most important S-IQ developmental needs, regardless of sales process, industry, sales complexity, product or service, is vital to ensuring that your sales team remains ahead of the competition.

The next step is then implementing a development strategy based on the latest education methods and technology, to ensure that the learning is applied, behaviours are changed and sales performance taken to the next level and beyond.

It’s about effectively applying the art and science of selling, S-IQ at every stage and interaction, regardless of where you are in the sales process or where the buyer is on their journey.

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