We love going to work

We are currently working with a client in South Africa who told us that they just had their best sales month ever! In addition to this the Sales Director last week received a call from a prospective client who said:

“I wanted to tell you that your sales person is a credit to your business. He really took the time to listen to me properly and ensured that he fully understood my needs before offering a solution.” The prospect went on to say that she would recommend the organisation without hesitation.

What is lovely about this is that the sales person she met with was the same sales person that I had had a “secret shopping” experience with a few month previously. I had not had the same experience.

We all deserve a positive interaction whenever we are being “sold to” and in reality it is not that hard. What we had done together was:

  • Using our sales psychometric we highlighted to each sales person where their personal strengths were and then where they could improve.

  • We showed each sales person how they needed to adapt their behaviour, based on their own personality, to ensure they were able to connect more effectively with all the different personality types of their clients.

  • We implemented a sales process (telephone and in person) that was specific to the client’s organisations. This meant the sales team had a process they could follow for each sales call. The sales manager also has a structure that he could lead and coach the team through to continually improve sales effectiveness.

  • We provided the sales director with coaching tools and process so that coaching could become part of the culture.

We will continue to work together to improve the process, integrate with Salesforce.com and build sales team effectiveness. It’s a journey and not a destination. But what an enjoyable and fulfilling journey.

Our clients bring us joy.