Sir Clive Woodward on Coaching

This model of coaching from Sir Clive Woodward is very much aligned to the way we work and coach. 

"When I was coaching the England Rugby Team we became very good about how we as coaches and as a team learned the game of rugby. I thought that this was how everybody coached but when I started working in the Olympic World and got to go behind the scenes at lots of other sports I realised that the way we coached was actually quite unique. I now call this process that we used 4D learning and I still use this process with any sports or business teams that I am working with today. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - DISCOVER information and knowledge.  Think about what this is today, It could be; notes from a meeting, a voice recording, a video, a website, why you won a deal or why you lost a deal.  This is what I call what you do - and most people I work with in sport and business can tell me what they do.

Step 2 - DISTILL: The next step is very important. You need to disseminate all the information you have discovered and determine what the things are that you absolutely must do to succeed.  What are the “Keys Points”?  It could just be a handful of things.  When I am working with anyone in sport or business one of the first questions I always ask is why do you do things this way? Is it because you have always done it this way or is it because you have discovered all the information and knowledge and identified that these are the things that you should be doing as they are the “Keys Points”?

Step 3 - DO: Once you have identified the Key Points, how do you practice these in order to improve your performance? Practice must be deliberate and designed to improve the way you do the Key Points.  I see so many training programmes that aren’t designed to improve the Key Points and if your training programmes are not linked to the Key Points these are a waste of time.  

Step 4 - DIGITAL: In the world that we live in today coaching / learning doesn’t just have to happen when people are together.  Coaching / Learning should be able to happen anywhere, anytime.  This is exactly why I founded Hive Learning which is based on my 3D coaching philosphy which is now a 4D coaching philosphy with the added fourth element of digital. 

It is often said that the team that won the Rugby World Cup in 2003 had great leadership - and it did.  I can never speak highly enough of the players in that team. But they reason that they became great leaders is because their knowledge and understanding of how to play the game went through the roof because they were all experts at understanding this process."

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