Change Behaviour. Improve Results.™

All companies and organizations want high performing, professional sales and customer service teams who consistently practice the right behaviours. It’s these behaviours that differentiate them from their competition and ensure loyal and satisfied customers.

Open Minds is one of only a few companies in the world that understands how to ensure the right behaviours are identified and implemented, regardless of the different personalities within your organization.

Our training interventions are built on a foundation of observing thousands of individual’s behaviour, having completed a leading psychometric test. These observations have been undertaken in multiple organisations across the globe.

This, in addition to behavioural research and analysis, provides us with the knowledge of the behaviours needed for high performing sales teams.

Each one of our interventions is adapted to our clients’ environment, based on our robust processes and our own unique, positive sales methodology.

Our partnering approach, based on scientific foundations, ensures that we help our clients achieve their goals.


The Open Minds methodologies are based on our observations of thousands of individuals, the detailed analysis of their personality and behavioural and psychological science. Our personal approach ensures that the Art and Science of Sales come naturally to everyone in the sales team.


The foundation of our methodology is behavioural science and this ensures the entire sales team practises the right behaviours throughout the sales/client interaction.

We start by identifying the behaviour required by each individual during the sales process.

Each sales person is then made mindful of how to adapt their personality to deeply connect with and understand the client, regardless of either of their personalities.

Because we work with - the individual, the sales process/method and how they adapt to the client - our interventions are easy to measure, monitor and embed.


We define behaviours as verbal, non-verbal, physical and emotional expressions. Our research and observations have shown that behaviour is strongly linked to personality, a link so strong that we are able to predict individual and team behaviour based purely on our personality assessment.


So as to ensure an individual is most effective in their role we, at Open Minds, start by identifying the required behaviours.

For example, if cold calling is an important skill for all sales people within your organisation, then the actions and behaviours required by the sales team to complete the task of cold calling can be very different based on each individual’s personality.

For a sales leader to ensure that all sales people cold call, he/she must understand how to manage and motivate each salesperson based on their own and that salespersons personality preference.

Organizations tend to put sales teams through fairly generalised sales training courses that can be helpful although only to a limited degree.

What is more effective is to first identify the actions and behaviours of the individual members of the sales team that are crucial for that person to be successful within your organisation.

We then build the development and coaching interventions that ensures synergy between leadership and employees to ensure everyone consistently practice the right behaviours.

By so doing, the positive influences of the intervention are far greater, have more significance to the individual and are much easier to measure.