It's about connecting the dots!


The Open Minds  Research


The Advanced Sales Method (ASM) has been influenced by research in several fields, and by our extensive experience. Importantly it's our personal experience, working in sales for decades, that have enabled us to connect the dots of the current study and maximise the use of the data within a sales context and The Advanced Sales Method     



Many within the sales field, as well as our own experience, supports that the sales landscape has changed significantly for sellers and some of the core areas of change are:


  • The economic downturn means that many businesses are learning to do more with less.

  • The rise in globalisation and the economic growth of countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China have introduced new competition into many markets. 

  • An ongoing trend towards commoditisation in many markets.

  • The amount of time allocated to sellers is declining, driving the need for sellers to know how to maximise time in front of their clients, as well as influence buyers while not in front of them.

  • An ongoing trend towards participative leadership has led to greater empowerment for employees and a greater sense of ownership, which drives buyers loyalty and them seeking the best deal for their organisations.

  • The ever-growing availability of the information available to buyers makes them much better informed or in some cases, more confused through misinformation or the sheer volume of data. These two scenarios place much higher responsibility for sales professionals to educate buyers.

  •  To maintain margins, we see an increase in organisations moving the sales focus from product to services and solutions. This change has created a demand for sales professionals who can make the transition from box shifting to a more collaborative, consultative, value-added approach. Many transactional salespeople are struggling to make the transition.



As a result of the above challenges, companies are striving to maximise the performance of their existing sales force, and sales professionals are, in many cases feeling the pressure and desperately need an edge. We believe Open Minds provide this edge.


Selling is a cerebral process, both from the perspective of the seller and the buyer, and we have over the past 10 to 15 years gained a much better understanding of what takes place during social interaction and how the brain responds to different inputs and stimuli.  These leaps forward have come mainly through the use of technologies such as electroencephalography (EEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)


We know that the better able we are to tailor our sales approach, message and behaviour, to a broad cross-section of buyers and businesses, the more successful the salesperson will be in achieving solutions that are right for their clients and their organisations.


Knowing these facts, we have developed a model that maximises the opportunity for sellers to succeed in this changing and ever-increasing competitive landscape. We have drawn from the areas of Brain Research, Conversational Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Preferences, Appreciative Inquiry and current sales research.


Working with our clients, some of whom are leading global organisations in their field, continues to add to our own experience and we include our research to the ever-growing repository of information that enhances our thinking and the Open Minds methodology.