Sales Development  

At Open Minds, we offer bespoke sales training that works to your sales person’s strengths, to ensure they get the best possible results. 


Our deep understanding of personality and human behaviour within the sales environment allows us to maximise each individual’s sales effectiveness through personality, behaviour, structure and leadership. 


Our programme inspires businesses to become more productive by encouraging their employees to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their clients and the organisation’s culture, resulting in a tangible improvement in leadership and sales effectiveness.

Our Sales development is always made relevant to each of our clients and their unique situation. 




eLearning  is offered to support all our workshops and our flexible platform means we can adapt or write new material to support your own particular needs....


Some of the best learning takes place in our workshops and they form an important part of our solutions....


Our solutions focus on ensuring that the sales team is fully equipped to understand the dynamics of the team as well as the part they need to play to ensure success...


A vital component for any sales team to succeed is effective leadership. Leadership that is capable of getting things done while keeping the team engaged and motivated...

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Open Minds is a "for value company"
We believe in creating value for our Clients and always agree how value/ROI will be measured. 

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