Team Fit

What is Open Minds  Team Fit and why are more and more clients using it?


If a company is orientated towards achieving high performance and a positive work environment, it is also essential to have the right mix of people in their teams. At Open Minds, we have Team Fit: a tool to help organisations create diverse, high-performing teams.


Whilst we all work well on our own a lot of the time, and with more and more people now working remotely – it does not negate the fact that we are all still part of a larger team and don’t work in isolation. Therefore it is crucial to understand the working dynamics of the team we are part of and how communication and information processing styles are mirrored and opposed positively or negatively within any team environment.



What is Open Minds Team Fit?


Open Minds Team Fit is a specific feature of our assessment platform. It collates and maps an individual’s results via a user-friendly graph against the attributes of others in any defined team or group.  It is used primarily to observe the dynamics within teams to analyse and compare what ‘good team performance’ looks like. The data is divided into two disciplines:


  • Social cohesion – this shows us how people prefer to work and communicate. Attributes such as collaboration, leadership, people skills and psychological safety are measured by the tool to give us an insight into any team.


  • Cognitive fit – this reveals how individuals make sense of the world around them. Traits measured include critical thinking, how result-focused they are, how adaptable the team can be and how creative and innovative they are. This allows us to understand the group’s dynamics in terms of prevalent thinking and decision-making styles.


One of the critical games used for Open Minds Team Fit is a personality assessment that is based on psychology’s ‘Big Five’ personality factors. This tool incorporates large amounts of research that stems both from our own data and numerous studies around teams by very well respected Google research groups, Harvard Business School and many others.


Dr Boris Altemeyer, Chief Scientific Officer, notes that: “We do not have a prescriptive ‘best fit’ for a team. Instead, we encourage the users to compare their abilities and preferences against other team members and the overall population norms to gather intelligence on what makes each person uniquely suited to their role in the team. In broad terms, we are not looking for a conformity mindset in a team. Instead, diversity and balance are key factors to achieve in putting together a high performing team. And these are not that obvious to decipher in standard assessments.”



The benefits: save time, become more productive


Team composition can significantly impact performance. For example, a Bandran Hall Group survey reported that 72% of all organisations viewed team performance as positively affecting overall productivity. Therefore, Open Minds Team Fit can support managers with the evaluation of high performing teams. For instance, if a sales manager notices one of her teams is not working well together, she can use the Team Fit feature to diagnose the imbalance and apply an informed solution.


Dr Altemeyer, comments that: “Companies who use Team Fit are generally interested in understanding what makes a particular team great in the first place at performing their project-related tasks. Those team dynamics can vary greatly whether we talk about a project team, a sales team, an account team or an innovation team. Once the composition of each of these is understood, then it is easier to focus on making the correct decision when adding a new person to that team or starting a new team”.



Diversity is strength in depth


A strong team will collectively have a varied skill set. For instance, if one team member’s weakness is creativity, it will be another’s area of expertise. On the other hand, problems may start to occur if the team’s abilities are too similar. For example, if all these employees have a low leadership score, there wouldn’t be a clear leader, and no individual will be prepared to take charge of the group.


We help managers see how an individual will fit into an existing team dynamic and how a new recruit will fit into a team or deciding which office to transfer an account manager to.



Creating stronger teams for our clients and partners


Open Minds Team Fit is a scientifically backed solution designed to get the best out of your organisations’ teams. It is a solution that helps a manager intricately understand an individual’s abilities and how they can impact on the wider team.