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Wherever the sales person 




We understand that the best place for salespeople to implement the learning they have had is in front of customers. With this in mind, we ensure face to face workshops take the salesperson "off the road" as little as possible. Having said this, some of the best learning takes place in our workshops, and they form an essential part of our solutions. Face to face workshops can also take place over Zoom. 


We design workshops to be interactive and inspirational, and your team will leave having had a worthwhile and enjoyable learning experience. Online modules then support this learning that salespeople can do in their own time. We follow the 70:20:10 approach to development. 


We always aim to empower your staff, and we do this by transferring learning so that they can run or support ongoing sales development and coaching. A recent survey with sales professionals indicated that they wanted more involvement and support from their sales leaders. We work with you to make this possible and sustainable. 

We offer the following workshop focus:

  • How to sell more effectively 

  • How to lead my team

  • How to coach my team 

  • The ASM™ sales methodology 

We adapt workshops to our client's environment. Still, all have our proprietary personality and behavioural focus that ensures a positive shift and results in an impact that is easy to measure.